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As a veteran myself, I have seen what service, and to a greater degree, war does to an individual.  Veterans go through mental and physical torment that just doesn't go away.  Much has been done to help these men and women to overcome their debilities, their demons and their every day struggles.  But we're not there yet.  The phrase "22 a day" isn't a cliche, it's a real number that represents the average number of veterans taking their own life each day.  EVERY DAY!

We have to change that!  We can change that!  But it will take more awareness, more focus, more money and more efforts and creativity.  Below are some organizations that are doing a lot in all facets to help our nation's veterans to achieve, overcome and get stronger.

We often hear the phrase "22 a day" which refers to one of the most underfunded crisis' in the nation and that is the issue of veteran suicide.  I believe our government does an underwhelming job of studying and working towards solutions for our veterans who face demons from a variety of reasons.

VETS is an organization featured on "The Sean Ryan Show" on YouTube and created by Marcus and Amber Capone and they are doing INCREDIBLE work getting help to veterans, especially those in the special operations community, in the variety of battles they face.  Anything you can do here helps a veteran to retrieve treatment still not being approved in our own country, but a treatment that has proven results.

Gary Sinise, AKA Lt Dan, has been a tireless advocate for caring for veterans for quite some time now.  I met him on a tour he did at USCENTCOM and its just one of many he does to meet service members and veterans alike.  He puts his money and his sweat equity into this worthy cause.

Til Valhalla Project is an apparel and accessories site that donates tremendous amounts of their proceeds to veterans causes such as #Mission22.  They are most known for their creating memorial bands and plaques for heroes we have lost in battle or to their own battles.

Valor Service Dogs is an organization based out of Central Florida and South Georgia that provides service dogs to veterans free of charge.  They go above and beyond making sure the placed dog has free vet care, free joint supplements and about anything else necessary for the veteran to have a stress free experience with an incredibly well trained friend to help out in so many areas.

A great friend of mine lost a family member not long ago .. his name is Chad Wilkinson, a SEAL who took his own life.  The Navy Seal Foundation has a section on their site dedicated to Veteran's Suicide in honor of Chad.

On the same note, Chad's wife has created a page and foundation dedicated to helping veterans with traumatic brain injuries:

Other sites and organizations with a heart for helping veterans:

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