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Texas Leads the Way in 2A

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

So, I am a Florida guy, been in this great state for close to 40 years now (hold the age jokes please .. for a little while at least). But as much as we are known as the "Gunshine State" with more concealed carry permit holders than any other state, the new growing trend is Constitutional Carry. And recently, the state of Texas added themselves to the list of states who have adopted Constitutional Carry, or permitless concealed carry, into law.

Governor Greg Abbott added six other bills including protecting it's citizens from federal government overreach becoming a Second Amendment sanctuary, a law allowing all types of carry holsters (like how did they ever let a law into place dictating what type of holster you can carry?) and, my personal favorite, a bill that prohibits state government agencies from contracting with companies that have internal policies against firearm companies and organizations. I will include a link below with a complete list of the new bills as well as Colion Noir's video celebrating the achievement.

I applaud Gov. Abbott and the Texas State Legislature for taking these measures in a time when the federal government is working overtime to infringe on our Second Amendment rights. I believe we need to see more states make bold moves such as this in order to ensure their citizens have the best opportunity possible to protect themselves. Even as pro-2A as the state of Florida is, these are the types of moves that would not only improve our ability for self-defense but would also send a strong message to the rights-killing, power-hungry, egotistical, self-absorbed, corrupt politicians who seek control over you, the citizens.

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