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Just So We're Clear ...

So according to the POTUS, if we were to ever want to take on his tyrannical government, we would need F-15s and nuclear weapons? While I am growing less and less surprised at some of the things he says (or mutters, or mumbles), this one is rather disturbing.

While at the same time pushing action to eliminate access to suppressors, pistol braces and 80% receivers, all infringements on the Second Amendment, he poses this:

If you think you need to have weapons to take on the government, you need F-15s and maybe some nuclear weapons,” Biden said.

As if to say, if you dare step up to the plate to take on the government, he'd be willing to utilize an ACTUAL weapon of war the likes of an F-15 fighter jet against his own people. Or worse yet, is he implying he would use nuclear weapons against us to maintain control of power? Does he not realize that the Constitution creates a path for the removal of a government engulfed in corruption and pushing closer and closer to control over the people at the rate of being, again, tyrannical. If anything ever screams WE NEED THE SECOND AMENDMENT ALONG WITH ALL OF ITS POWER AND NECESSARY INTENT, this is it.

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