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It can happen to any of us ..

I'm reasonably sure that when an unidentified Papa John's delivery driver in Ohio showed up for work this past Sunday, June 20th, he didn't feel he would need to draw his concealed weapon and bring an end to another human being's life.

But that's what happened as two armed, masked men rushed into the store threatening the employees inside with a knife and crowbar. It was also later found that the robbers had other concealed weapons as well. The state prosecutor has yet to confirm this as a case of self-defense but as of now the evidence points in that direction.

I want to look at this from a different angle though. Assuming that this incident does prove out to be self-defense and a justified shooting, it doesn't speak to the fact that regardless of whether it was justified, the act of taking another person's life is not the hope of concealed carry permit holders. The act of having to pull the trigger and end another person's life is a traumatic experience and will have lasting psychological effects. But as I spoke with my daughter, a new concealed carry permit holder herself, about the effects of something like this, I stressed to her that regardless of the lasting psychological effects, you can't talk to a mental health specialist about it if you don't live through it in the first place.

In other words, you should train enough both physically and mentally to be ready to assess the situation then act without hesitation to defend yourself, your loved ones and/or others around you and deal with any mental or emotional consequences later. The goal is to survive when threatened with severe bodily harm or death.

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