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Defend the 2nd, or the Others Will Also Be Vulnerable

It would be convenient to say that over the last six months the Second Amendment has been under attack but if we're being honest, things like short barrel rifles, suppressors (silencers), AR-15s and unregistered guns have been the subject of attacks for years.

But the latest wave of attacks have come as Democrats have taken control of the the House, the White House and, at a minimum, a split control of the Senate. In fact, it's obvious at this point they are going for broke. We are seeing politicians with absolute zero knowledge of firearms, obviously including the President, pushing policy on, well, FIREARMS. It's the equivalent of asking my plumber for advice on wiring the electric in my house.

And regardless of the excuses, every bit of it is in violation of the Second Amendment. Remember, "Shall Not Be Infringed" is pretty blunt and to the point. And that's how the founders of our nation intended it. They knew without the Second Amendment, all other amendments were vulnerable.

Below, I have listed a few, and by no means an all inclusive list, of the myths perpetrated by the anti-gun crowd.

  1. AR-15s are military weapons, assault weapons, high powered and only have the purpose of killing humans

FACT: There is actually no such thing as an assault weapon. It's a made up term used for to scare the public. You can assault someone with anything. Does that make my dining room pepper shaker an assault weapon? How about my electric guitar? I mean, it's pretty sturdy!

AR-15s were developed by Armalite so "AR" stands for Armalite Rifle and not Assault Rifle. And the biggest whopper of all of that .. an AR-15 fires either a 5.56 NATO projectile or a .223. In other words, not much more than a longer range .22 rifle. Standard hunting rifles such as a .30-06, .30-30, 6.5 Creedmoor or a .270 are far more powerful.

2. Short Barrel rifles more lethal

FACT: A short barrel rifle, or one that is less than 16" according to the ATF, actually has less range than a longer barrel. And no, despite what a certain person in a powerful position would say, they are not concealable. They have been classified as pistols once the stabilizer brace is applied and thus avoiding the $200 money grab .... errrr ... tax stamp to the government. But that still doesn't make these guns concealable. And even if they are ... at short range, which the majority of active shooter situations are, they are no more lethal than the many handguns in use today. And with magazine capacity in handguns reaching 18+ rounds in many models, the difference is negligible.

3. "Ghost" guns are making it tougher for law enforcement to track down criminals

FACT: This one is about as laughable as the others. The argument is that criminals are committing crimes with these "ghost" guns and leaving them at the scene and without serial numbers they are not able to track them down. So we're to believe that someone will commit more money and hours of effort to build one of these guns JUST to leave it at the scene of a crime? Gonna have to say this is a scenario that isn't realistic and is just another attempt to create fear in the public in order to con them into giving up their rights.

Again, these are just a few of the lies .. sorry .. myths (lies) being pushed on the public. But the full list is enormous and continuing to grow. Why? Is it really about public safety? Nope, it's all about control. Below, I am listing a couple of links to sites discussing this further and even went through the effort providing methods to write to Congressmen and Women, Senators and even those in the ATF. Many thanks to the great people at Brownell's for compiling this list and great video associated with it.


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